"Jews for Bernie" Run by Anti-Israel Hater Who Defended Hamas

Bernie Sanders lied that Israel killed 10,000 "innocent people" in Gaza in its campaign against Hamas. So it's not surprising that Jews for Bernie, or at least its social media, is run by Daniel Sieradski, an OWSer and a notorious anti-Israel activist, who at one point apparently worked with J Street, and spread a viral attack against Israel when it was defending itself against Hamas.

During the Hamas attacks on Israel in 2014, his meme listed a phony collection of grievances and concluded that, "That's why Palestinians are fighting back."

Their "fighting back" had involved the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers.

Among the dead Israelis murdered by the "Palestinian" Muslim colonists who were "fighting back" against free Israeli electricity, food and medical care, was Daniel Tragerman, a 4-year-old boy.

He was a bright little boy. He was smart enough to understand when he had to dash to the protected room at his Kibbutz Nahal Oz home. But on that Friday he only had three seconds between the alarm and the time when the mortar shell fell and he didn’t make it.

Like all little boys he had dreams of what he would love to do when he grew up. But that will never be. Daniel Tragerman was buried this past Sunday.

His family will never celebrate his bar mitzvah. His parents will never walk him down the aisle to join his beloved bride under the bridal canopy. Everything that he could’ve accomplished in life will remain an everlasting void, unfulfilled.

This is what "fighting back" looks like. And this is what Bernie Sanders' "Jewish" supporters look like.

Daniel Sieradski had responded to a Jewish woman's complaint about growing anti-Semitism with a vile rant about Jewish privilege which claimed that Israel's bombing of Hamas was worse than 9/11. "One block in NYC was reduced to rubble. In Gaza, 40% of everywhere is rubble."

Jews have already rejected Bernie Sanders. He has repeatedly lost Jewish areas. New York polling shows that he loses among Jews to Hillary Clinton by 29% to 56%.

Bernie Sanders has rejected the Jewish community. And Jews have rejected Bernie Sanders.

If Bernie Sanders wants to make any headway with Jewish voters, he needs to actually reach out to the Jewish community, instead of to the anti-Israel and anti-Semitic left that exists only as a spiteful rejection of the Jewish people. If he really believes that Hamas is a terrorist organization, he needs to distance himself from anti-Israel bigots who make excuses for the genocidal Islamic terror group.

If he fails to do that, all he will have are the "Jews for Bernie" who hate Jews, Judaism and the Jewish state... but love Bernie.