Bernie Sanders Meets w/Organizer Who Defended Hamas

Bernie Sanders did badly with Jews in Massachusetts and Florida. He's polling horribly with Jews in New York. And even his own Jewish supporters are disgusted by his lies about Israel's campaign against Hamas terrorism. But this hasn't stopped the Sanders campaign from having Simone Zimmerman, a radical anti-Israel activist linked to J Street, as its Jewish Outreach Director.

And despite the controversy over the ugly views of Daniel Sieradski, the activist behind Jews for Bernie, who attacked Israel when it was defending itself against Hamas, here's a photo of the two men meeting.

Bernie Sanders claims that he's not anti-Israel, yet his Jewish outreach consists of anti-Israel activists like Simone Zimmerman and Daniel Sieradski. According to Daniel Sieradski, at their meeting, he praised Sanders for standing up "for peace and justice in the Middle East".

Here's Daniel Sieradski's version of "peace and justice in the Middle East".

During the Hamas attacks on Israel in 2014, Daniel Sieradski compiled a meme listing "Palestinian" grievances which concluded that, "That's why Palestinians are fighting back."

He had written that, "Great insight is to be gained from the remarks of Hamas’ founder, Sheikh Ahemd Yassin, himself, which are much more down-to-earth and pragmatic than any portrayal of Hamas in the right-wing oriented media. Screaming headlines about Hamas’ victory serve much more the interest of perpetuating myths about Islam to fit the West’s portrayal of the Arab boogeyman; than in addressing valid concerns about the ethnic exclusivity necessitated by Zionism."

Stop worrying about Hamas and start worrying about Jewish "ethnic exclusivity".

"These people are not Islamists. They just want to make life better for their people," Daniel Sieradski had written of Hamas.

This is the kind of supporter that Bernie Sanders attracts. And this is the kind of supporter whose vision of "peace and justice in the Middle East" Bernie Sanders is comfortable with.

Is it any wonder that even Jewish supporters of Bernie Sanders are headed for the exit? Indeed the first Jews for Bernie event appears to have been a disaster even by its own account.

At yesterday's Jews for Bernie event in Manhattan, a small number of individuals acted rudely and disruptively, angrily accosting Bernie's campaign staff demanding they answer for Bernie's Israel statements. While we agree the Sanders campaign has made some missteps and needs to do a better job connecting with Jewish voters, that is no excuse to act so disrespectfully. We are sad and extremely disappointed that this wound up being the campaign's first experience engaging the Jewish community directly.

Apparently hating Israel is as popular with Jews as the Klan is with black people. Who knew?