If You Have Cable, U of Oklahoma Wants You to Check Your Privilege

Privilege. Everyone has it. You have it. Your sister has it. Your dog has it. Only Rachel Dolezal doesn't have it. Or maybe she does. Only her geneticist knows for sure. But the University of Oklahoma has a useful questionnaire to help you check your privilege.

Here are some of your privilege checks to determine if you're an unfairly oppressed minority victim or an evil oppressive overlord stamping people into the mud with your hiking boots.

I am white.

I still identify as the gender I was born in.

I work in a salaried job.

There you go, if you're white, still the same gender you were born with and have a job... you're an oppressor.  Also...

My parents are heterosexual.

Well there you go. If you exist, your parents were privileged heterosexuals. Only those who were never born because their parents were biologically incapable of conceiving a child are truly oppressed.

I have never been called a terrorist.

Not a terrorist? You're privileged. You're the privileged employed white child of heterosexual parents. You monster!

But wait... there's more.

I have never done my taxes myself.

I’ve always had cable.

I have frequent flier miles.

And there it is. You have frequent flier miles. You have a job. Your parents were physically capable of bringing you into this world. You have cable. You haven't changed genders.

Aren't you ashamed?