Jewish Voters Dump Bernie Sanders Over Anti-Israel Simone Zimmerman

UPDATE: Sanders campaign reportedly suspends Zimmerman temporarily while they "investigate". This is usually a delaying tactic, but it shows that the pressure is on.

They stayed around when Bernie Sanders began routinely condemning Israel and accused the Jewish State of murdering "10,000 innocent people" in Gaza. But picking Simone Zimmerman, a radical anti-Israel lefty aligned with radical hate groups like JVP, whose own organization, If Not Now, had protested Jewish charities, as the Jewish Outreach Director seems to have been the last straw.

Simone Zimmerman has joined the JVP hate group in condemning attempts to fight campus anti-Semitism. In response to Hamas attacks on Israel, Simone Zimmerman said, “We think it’s important to understand the context of occupation". And declared that she opposed the campaign against Hamas that began after the brutal murder of three Jewish teens by Hamas terrorists.

She retweets violently anti-Israel bigots, including Max Blumenthal, who has called for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Israel and helped inspire the Kansas City Jewish Community Center shooter, along with Hamas apologists like Glenn Greenwald and Yousef Munayyer.

Simone Zimmerman wrote an op-ed calling on Hillel International, a national Jewish student organization, to sponsor campus events promoting the BDS movement, which seeks Israel’s destruction.

The NBC/Wall Street Journal poll shows that Sanders has the support of only 32% of Jewish voters to 65% for Hillary Clinton. This is a problem since Jews are 16% of the electorate among New York Democrats. This is a big problem.

No less a figure than Letty Cottin Pogrebin‎, while expressing support for Simone Zimmerman, warns that, "By naming her head of Jewish outreach, Bernie just gave us at least another 100,000 votes for Hillary in NY."

While Simone Zimmerman was hired to conduct Jewish Outreach, her outreach session seems to have been disaster.

Meanwhile, across the room, an activist exchanged vitriol with the campaign’s newly hired national Jewish outreach coordinator, Simone Zimmerman, after demanding accountability for the campaign’s failures on the Jewish front.

Simone Zimmerman is refusing inquiries even from friendly reporters. The allied Jews for Bernie, run by anti-Israel activist Daniel Sieradski is descending into its own wave of paranoia, ranting about Israel and blocking anyone who disagrees.


Meanwhile social media is full of former Jewish supporters and potential voters who are dumping Bernie Sanders over this latest insult.

And the feedback doesn't get any better on Facebook. (last names removed for privacy.)



Dear Bernie Sanders,

I have been a very vocal and ardent supporter of yours since you began your campaign. I believe you to be a man of integrity and character. I actually agree you on your view of foreign policy, especially as it pertains to regime changes, and our lack of preparation for unknowable outcomes.

Unfortunately, your recent comments regarding the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians suggests to me a wide gap in our perspectives. This is compounded by the hiring of Simone Zimmerman, who, though Jewish, promotes a position and a view of Israel that is directly connected to BDS, vilifying Israel, while not holding accountable Palestinian leadership, or lack thereof. Hiring her gives further validation to this dangerous anti-Israel bias, and undermines my confidence that you will be the friend that Israel so desperately needs.

Thank you for your time. I will now probably vote for Hillary.




Despite having been a "Draft Bernie" supporters, more than a year ago, I don't intend to vote for him. His Israel policy is informed by ideology and not by knowledge of documented fact and history. As evidenced by the unilateral withdrawl from Gaza, the continued supply of free electricity and water, and its willingness to provide free medical care to the families of Gaza's Hamas leadership, no country on earth is more committed to the welfare of those who wish to destroy it. No country on earth has a greater desire for peace with an enemy that cannot be placated.




With a heavy heart:

Domestically Sanders is the best choice.

But as far a foreign policy he is a disaster.

I, must at this point, withdraw any support I have given him.



So after basically claiming that Israel committed war crimes in Gaza, Bernie is trying to gain back the Jewish vote by bringing in a "Jewish Outreach Director"... who happens to be an Anti-Israel BDS activist. Seems legit. It's incredibly frustrating to see someone who honestly seems to "get it" on so many issues, be so incredibly fucking clueless on anything to do with Israel (or, let's be honest, foreign policy in general). Wake me up in 2020.



My one issue with Sanders had been some of his votes and statements on Israel and Palestine... After his refusal to speak at AIPAC and his appointment today of the young Simone Zimmerman as "Jewish outreach coordinator" (whatever that is), I feel the Bern with even less reservation.



Very disappointed in Bernie Sanders choice of Simone Zimmerman as his outreach to the Jews and his talk about disproportion in Israel's war in Gaza. The bottom line is that Israel left Gaza and Hamas wants to destroy Israel. There was no blockade until Hamas focused on importing arms. THe suffering in Gaza is caused by Hamas.


Gives me pause about my enthusiasm for Bernie


Sanders is anti-Israel. The discussion is over


Simone Zimmerman is a supporter of the extremist Jewish Voice for peace - which the ADL named as one of America's top 10 anti-Israel hate groups - and now she is Sanders' new "Jewish Outreach Director." ‪#‎notfeelingtheBern‬,.



Support for JVP should be a disqualifier for anyone who supports Israel.



Bernie Sanders your appointment of Simone Zimmerman has taken the shine off your apple. I would think you would have employees vetted before hiring them. How anyone can hire someone that would ever say things like this is deplorable. I respectfully demand that she be terminated from your employ immediately or I will be taking my vote elsewhere. While I understand her message, her delivery is completely disrespectful and unbecoming.




Meet Simone Zimmerman a BDS supporter, and Bernie Sanders new appointed adviser for the Jewish community.

Now forget the fact that Simone talks not nicely against the Israeli Prime Minster (Reminder - she is a Jewish relations adviser). Also forget the fact that she joined the J Street campaign ‪#‎BibiDoesn‬'tSpeakforMe (makes sense your not Israeli he speaks for the Israeli people before he speaks to you and you don't speak to us). As a student at UC Berkeley she signed a petition in support of the BDS Movement.

My question is how can you appoint someone that talks like that as your adviser and even more to this position?

Hilary do me a favor, knock him out of the race,




Bernie, I can most definitely now say that you do not have my vote. What were you thinking with this hire? A supporter of BDS and Jstreet, that's just gross ignorance (and gross). Who exactly did you plan to "reach" with your new Jewish outreach director? Mostly, I'm upset with her ludicrous social media posts. Everyone who knows me knows that I'm not a Bibi fan (for good reason), but she has no idea what she's talking about. I'm in shock myself that I'm publicly defending Bibi. I'm only sharing this with the Facebook community so that those of you who feel that a strong sense of social responsibility has a place in politics, like myself, see the whole picture before casting your vote.



Shira Dicker

The issue with Simone Zimmerman -- whom I had a surreal debate with on BBC radio two summers ago in the heat of the Gaza operation -- is that she is ignorant of the concept of nuance, immature and irresponsible. This appointment really disappoints me. I am feeling the heart-Bern.




So this is how Bernie Sanders wants to win Jewish friends and influence Jewish people? By hiring a person who is utterly clueless about what is going on in Israel? (Because of course, Israel is actually to blame for Hamas bombing Israeli civilians.....right?) A person who deal with Israel on the level of some progressive anti -Israel activist? Good for you Simone Zimmerman!

Good move Mr. Sanders - you keep hiring these ridiculous people. Hillary couldn't have wished for a better opponent. And the GOP as well.




I read with deep sadness this morning that Bernie Sanders has appointed as his Jewish outreach liasson a Ms. Simone Zimmerman, a Jewish BDS supporter and Israel basher. While I do not unequivocally support and condone all of Israel's policies and actions, I do love and support Israel's right to exist and it's status as a jewish homeland. I am very troubled by the ignorance of geo-political facts and realities that fuels the kind of Israel bashing and, more importantly, the BDS movement. There is no room for this kind of ignorance in a presidential campaign and Senator Sanders' appointment of Simone Zimmerman is a slap in the face to all lovers of zion and the jewish people.




Ok so if you select a person who publicly writes fuck you Israel as your Jewish relations coordinator -
Bernie you are somewhat

A putz. I'm definitely Not voting for this idiot.



Maria dela Rusa


it takes a lot of courage to be against ur own people, thank u simone


... if you're a Bernie Sanders supporter who isn't feeling the bern anymore over his anti-Israel positions, drop us a line.