Justin Trudeau's Syrian Refugees Choking, Assaulting Canadian Kids

Precocious Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his media press corps are pushing some viral video that he did about quantum computing. In the real world, Canadians would be lucky if Trudeau can spell Quantum. Or anything. And while he and his media press corps are doing their discount Canadian Obama thing, his irresponsible refugee policies are spreading misery in Canadian schools.

Missy said that she had run out options at the school after learning her daughter was allegedly choked twice in one week by two different refugee students, but not with a chain as the Herald had reported:

“They said in the paper she was choked with chains two different times. That wasn’t what was said. She was choked twice, but once with a necklace. She was choked with their hands. Like it was just a bunch of little stories that kept adding up and I was like this is enough. Like, once or twice it happens, maybe its just rough play. But it’s happening a lot. And it hasn’t just been this week. There has been numerous things that have happened. Not just with my kids.”

“I did a clothing drive when they first came. I did a basic needs and clothing drive. I’m all for the transition. I just can’t let this keep happening. Something has to be done about it.”

Missy also confirmed her son’s reports of threatening hand gestures from across the soccer field.

“They stopped intramurals in school due to rough play. The kids are being slammed to the ground, choked, and hit. It’s not fair,” she said.

And what about the claim that refugees had shouted “Muslims rule the world” while choking Missy’s daughter? Missy replied:

“The kids said that somebody had yelled, one of the kids had yelled ‘Muslims rule the world’… They said it was one of the Syrian boys. Those kids do know how to speak some English. But they’re very limited to words… all the kids said [refugee boys] have said that more than once.”

Fortunately the story is being properly buried out of sight by a dedicated media.

The story was pulled soon after it was posted with members of the left-wing media decrying the story as “racist,” “Islamophobic,” “xenophobic” or simply just not true.

In place of the story, an apologetic message was left in its place saying the story needed more research and was “insensitive” to the refugees.

The Herald also didn’t like how its story found its way onto “right-wing” websites that are critical of mass Muslim migration.

Now with this story gone, the media is free to post press releases about how awesome Justin Trudeau is.

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If we just swapped the name out for Putin or Kim Jong Un, we would be laughing at those stupid foreigners and their propaganda press. But when our media does it, it's because they genuinely think that a politician who only got the job because of his last name is awesome.

Meanwhile Quantum Computing Supergenius PM's Muslim refugees are violently assaulting Canadian kids. A story that the media rightly buries because it might give Canadians the idea that maybe Prime Minister Kim Jong Trudeau isn't doing such a great job. And that his real world policies are already a disaster. So instead we'll hear more about how Trudeau "stuns scientists" while Missy's kids continue to be assaulted. But they don't matter anyway.