New York Times Lets Slip the T-Word: Taquiya

In an otherwise bland piece on returning Jihadists in Europe, the New York Times lets slip the t-word.

The men now claim to reject Islamic State ideology and tactics and profess regret for their “stupidities,” as one put it under questioning.

But investigators are well aware that Islamic State training manuals urge recruits to practice the art of taquiya, or concealment. One suspect in Strasbourg, Mohamed Hattay, went through five interrogation sessions before admitting he had even been to Syria.

It's almost like terrorists won't tell you the truth unless you repeatedly interrogate them and subject them to pressure. Perhaps in some sort of isolated facility accompanied by gentle flowing streams of water.

But it's interesting that the New York Times even used the term "taquiya". When Ben Carson mentioned taquiya, the media hurriedly rushed to throw together their usual "fact checks" to disprove the idea. Sunni Islamist groups have generally maneuvered the media into repeating their talking points on the term backed by the usual "interfaith scholar" who are treated as authorities on Islam.

So it's shocking to see the New York Times just toss it out there. And I suspect that at some point it will be edited out.