"Palestinians" Attempt to Appropriate "Star of David" as Muslim Symbol

The whole "Palestinian" identity is a parasitic entity that can only exist in terms related to its hostility to the indigenous Jewish inhabitants. The desperate attempts to appropriate Jewish identity has now led Fatah, the core terrorist organization behind the "Palestinian" state to claim that the Jewish Star of David is really an Islamic symbol.

This comes from the official Facebook page of Fatah which claims that the Star of David was used in Arab-Islamic architecture hundreds of years before the rebirth of the State of Israel.

Considering that the symbol dates back to the House of David, thousands of years ago, that's pretty much last week. Also the Islamic six pointed "stars" referenced tend to look like Chinese checkers boards and not like the very distinctive 'knot' design of the Star of David.

Why even bother doing this? Because the entire fake Palestinian identity is a colonial Islamic effort based on erasing the identity of the Jewish indigenous population. That means claiming that classic Jewish historical figures were Muslim or, even more ridiculously, Palestinian. It means claiming that the Star of David is an Islamic symbol.

Meanwhile Muslim students in the US protest that Israelis are "culturally appropriating" falafel.