Celebrity in Chief Might Get His Own NBA Team

Sorry folks.

No the brilliant constitutional scholar of the left is not going to spend the next forty years on serious policy. He couldn't even do that while in office. Like Bill Clinton, he's going to find reasons to hang around celebrities, get paid lots of money for his speeches and do some fake humanitarian stuff to be taken seriously. And then he'll get an NBA team.

President Barack Obama’s second term in office is almost complete, leaving many to wonder what he will do when he leaves office in January. It appears the 44th President might be taking his talents to the NBA.

Press secretary Josh Earnest said Wednesday that Obama, an unabashed sports fan, has “discussed” joining an ownership group for an NBA franchise. But Earnest also added that Obama would move forward only “under the right circumstances.”

The right circumstances being a sweetheart deal.

If you thought Bill Clinton's post-presidential stint was shamelessly vulgar, get ready for the Obama Edition.