Half of Muslim Sex Attackers in Germany Came Because of Merkel

You can see why this report was so explosive because even in its understated tone, the conclusions are obvious.

A Federal Criminal Police Agency (BKA) inquiry into the wide-spread New Year's Eve sexual assaults uncovered 900 cases of sexual crimes with over 1,200 victims, German media reported on Sunday.

Officials who worked on the report estimated that around 2,000 men took part in the crimes, but only 120 of them have been identified. Many of the assaults were carried out in large groups, raising the estimated number of suspects and victims.

According to the BKA, most of the suspects came from North African countries.

While few Syrians are thought to have taken part in the assaults, the report noted that over half of the men who are allegedly responsible for the attacks have been in Germany less than one year.

"In this respect, there is a connection between the occurrence of the phenomenon and the strong levels of immigration in 2015," said Münch.

In short, half of the perps had arrived because of Merkel's open door policy. The quibbling over whether they are Syrians or not is irrelevant because a whole lot of people showed up claiming to be Syrians and no one really knows where most of these Muslim migrants are from, just where they claim to be from.

The sexual assault of 1,200 women lies directly at Merkel's door. The "Mother" sent out her daughters to be raped by her new Muslim friends.