Motive of Muslim Refugee Axe Attacker Shouting "Allah Akbar" Unclear

Muslim terrorists are such an enigma.

No one can puzzle out their motive even when they are running at you with an axe while shouting Allahu Akbar. Here's another enigma from Germany which threw open its borders to Muslim migrants claiming to be refugees. 

Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Hermann confirmed in a television interview that the teenager boarded the train in Ochsenfurt, where he had been staying with a foster family after traveling unaccompanied to Germany to seek asylum.

"The attacker appears to have been a 17-year-old Afghan who has been living in Ochsenfurt for some time," Herrmann said. "He suddenly attacked passengers with a knife and an axe, critically injuring several. Some of them may now be fighting for their lives."

The Afghan national reportedly shouted "Allahu Akbar" before launching the attack, wielding a knife and axe.

"The perpetrator was able to leave the train, police left in pursuit and as part of this pursuit, they shot the attacker and killed him," a police spokesman said.

The motive of the attack was not immediately clear.

Motive unclear. There are so many reasons why a Muslim would attack non-Muslims with an axe while shouting a Jihadist battle cry that originated with the Muslim genocide of non-Muslims. Maybe it was the lack of a job or a failure to integrate. Or it was raining. The possibilities are endless. But we know it had nothing to do with Islam.