Will White Leftists Please Stop Saying "Woke"

There's a specter haunting America. It consists of white leftists saying "Woke". It began this year with the word constantly popping up among the left's hipsterati on social justice blogs. Now it's gone political in the lamest possible way.

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm on Friday praised Tim Kaine with a slang word not often said by politicians.
Kaine, Granholm said, is “as decent, honorable, selfless soul as you will ever meet. A man with the heart of a servant, who is ‘woke’.”

When you've gotten to the point when two white political hacks trade "Woke" as a term of praise, then it's dead. And it's better off dead. This is the equivalent of Al Gore doing the macarena. It's a reminder that these two things should not co-exist or even exist separately. 

Praising Tim Kaine as "woke" is embarrassing and awkward even for the SJW hipsters who insisted on pushing the word. But they helped make this happen. They own it.