DNC Protesters Burn Israeli Flags, Chant Terror Slogans

The left is divided into two factions. The bad left. And the really bad left.

Both were out in force in Philly. The bad left was inside the convention. The really bad left was outside it. But the really bad left of today is just the ordinary left of tomorrow. That's how we got Obama and Hillary. Tomorrow the same bigots burning flags will be inside the system and burning people. That's how the left always works.

Reporter Byron Tau tweeted Wednesday morning that “protesters are burning an Israeli flag now in front of the secure perimeter and chanting ‘intifada.'”

As can be seen in video snippets that are being uploaded on Facebook and YouTube, a woman whose face was covered in a black bandanna, Hamas fashion, set an Israeli flag on fire amidst a group of protesters outside of the cordoned Wells Fargo arena in Philadelphia. A person standing next to her was waving a Palestinian flag. There were reports of protesters burning the American flag as well.

Well it wouldn't be a Democratic convention without anyone burning the American flag.