Chelsea Clinton "Might Consider" Working in the White House

Well isn't that big of her.

Chelsea Clinton has gotten her jobs because of her last name. Much like her mother. That's why she got her NBC gig and her non-profit gigs. And, good news folks, Chelsea might just be willing to put her exciting career of nepotism on hold to work for her mother at the White House.

Just as she assumed a lead role in her father’s foundation and became a chief campaign surrogate for her mother, Ms. Clinton is willing to step up should her parents need her if they return to the White House, according to the former first daughter’s friends.

She's willing? Oh my. Also Prince Charles is willing to step up should his mother and every single person in England with noble blood, die.

Clinton advisers say that Chelsea Clinton’s influence and involvement in a prospective administration have not been given much thought.

Collecting an unearned paycheck?

But any suggestion that Chelsea Clinton might be relied upon to perform traditional first lady tasks has the potential to strike a nerve, prompting concerns about an overly gendered view of presidential family roles.

Maybe Huma Abedin can step in instead?