Hillary Clinton Backs $400 Million Secret Cash Flight to Iran

Hillary being Hillary, there's lots of lawyerly pre-emptive hedging. Lots of "As I was told" and as far as I know type cautions that give plenty of reason for people to be suspicious of Hillary. But after trying to dismiss the $400 million secret cash flight to Iran as old news and trying to change the subject, unsurprisingly Hillary does back it.


Sure. Why not.

RITTIMAN: So I want to start with the news of the day, particularly on Iran. You’ve talked pretty tough on Iran. You’ve also taken credit for working with Obama on the dual pronged strategy to deal with that country. Today America learned there was a shipment of $400 million of foreign currency on a secret air cargo flight to that country. Did you know that was coming and do you approve of it?

CLINTON: Well, the White House has addressed this, and I think actually this is kind of old news. It was first reported about seven or eight months ago, as I recall. And, so far as I know, it had nothing to do with any kind of hostage swap or any other tit for tat. It was something that was intended to, as I am told, pay back Iran for contracts that were canceled when the Shah fell.

RITTIMAN: The case in front of The Hague.

CLINTON: That’s right.

RITTIMAN: That you were trying to settle. That being said, do you approve of it? That’s a lot of money to fork over to a country that you yourself say isn’t very trustworthy.

CLINTON: Well, look I think we know that the agreement has put a lid on Iran’s nuclear weapons program. I consider that to be a very positive step. We also know that our businesses want to now do business with Iran, and we’re tasking that very carefully. And we also know that there are outstanding legal challenges by the Iranian government against the United States government and other U.S. interests.

So, it’s all part of the same picture, but the most important thing we have, in my view, prevented Iran from racing to getting nuclear weapons, which is very much in America’s interest.

This is a word salad. And Hillary is careful enough that she doesn't do word salads by accident. This is her waving in every other direction to distract Americans from what actually happened.