Clinton's Support Halves, Trump's Doubles Among US Born Hispanics

Numbers like these show you exactly why the Democrats want a huge gushing stream of immigrants without any possibility of absorption or integration. Here are the differences between US born and foreign born Hispanics in the election.

Though U.S. Hispanics overall view Hillary Clinton three times more favorably than they do Donald Trump (65% to 21%), her edge is significantly smaller among U.S.-born Hispanics (43% to 29%). Meanwhile, foreign-born Hispanics are almost seven times more likely to view Clinton (87%) than Trump (13%) favorably.

That means that Hispanic support for Hillary Clinton doubles among the foreign born and halves for Trump. The numbers for Trump still aren't great, but he does get 29 percent favorables among US born Hispanics. His numbers are genuinely horrible among foreign born Hispanics.

This isn't about supposed perceptions of racism. It's about very different perspectives. And sense of interests. 

(Though of course US born Hispanics are more likely to also include different demographics of Hispanics from different countries, while foreign born will emphasize Mexican, Salvadoran, etc immigration.)

That 29 percent is rather close to the magic number that Republican immigration advocates pant for. Instead of using amnesty to get it, maybe Republicans ought to consider that the best way to increase their share of the Hispanic vote is to reduce immigration to raise the proportion of US born Hispanics.