Khans Praise "Blood of Martyrs" at Muslim Brotherhood ISNA

The Khan-dashians kept claiming that they just wanted to be "left alone" to be private people. And here they are continuing their "private" tour asking to be left alone. This time at ISNA, a Muslim Brotherhood arm, the grandfather organization of Al Qaeda and ISIS. And there is a distinctly triumphal tone and Jihadist references.

 Khizr and Ghazala Khan were the special guests at an Islamic convention on Saturday in suburban Chicago. It was a politically charged appearance, but the couple did not address the election that thrust them into the national spotlight...

“I haven’t imagined this. This is all from Allah. He made the path that we have to walk, and I’m grateful for all of you, and all of America, and all of the world, for the love,” Khan said. “Really. I feel so close to you guys. I imagine that I have given one son and I got that many back.

Khizr Khan’s speech mostly addressed Muslim scholars and leaders in attendance.

“We are of the belief, and I am sure the rest of you are-- that ink of the pen of the scholars is more sacred than the blood of the martyr. So congratulations for leading us in this trying time. There comes a time in each group of believers historically when they are tested, and this is the time that the Muslim faith is being tested,” he said.

Blood of the martyrs? Now they're not even being subtle anymore. And the Khandashians were introduced by the guy in charge of compromising our national security.

The Khans were introduced by Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson, who told the audience to spread a message of inclusion of Muslim Americans, whom he said struggle to be recognized as true Americans.

“Your story is an American story told over and over again of people who seek, and eventually win, your share of the American Dream,” Johnson said.

Or the Caliphate dream.