Obama's Majority Muslim Refugee Program Hiked to 110,000

Since we just don't have enough Islamic terror plots in this country, Obama wants to drastically boost migrant refugee numbers.

The Obama administration is pressing ahead with plans to boost the number of refugees it will allow into the U.S. as a national debate rages over immigration and security.

The increase to 110,000 represents a nearly 30 percent increase over the current fiscal year. It is also a more than 57 percent jump since 2015

Of the 110,000 the U.S. intends to begin admitting at least 40,000 are from the Near East and South Asia, a White House senior administration official said. And most of those are likely to be people escaping the brutal Syrian civil war, even as many GOP lawmakers and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump sound the alarm about terrorists in the midst of the refugees.

In short, they're going to be Muslim. Because Obama has done everything possible to keep Christians out short of hanging up a big sign saying, "No Christians Allowed'.

The most persecuted peoples in Syria are Christians and Yazidis. Obama has officially resettled 9,144 Syrians. 9,077 of them are Muslims. A mere 47 Christians and 14 Yazidis managed to slip through the nets of his careful screening process.

Remember those people on television pleading to be saved from genocide and mass rape? Obama took in barely a dozen of them.

8,984 of the poor oppressed refugees are members of the genocidal Sunni Islamic majority in Syria. That’s 98 percent.

That’s not a statistic. It’s a war crime.

And the entire refugee program is now majority Muslim.

As the Obama administration races towards its goal of resettling 10,000 Syrian refugees in the United States this fiscal year, its overall refugee admission program has opened the door to more Muslims than Christians from around the world.

As of Monday, the U.S. had admitted a total of 66,480 refugees from 74 countries since the beginning of FY 2016 last October.  Of those, 30,543 (45.94 percent) are Muslims and 28,973 (43.58 percent) are Christians.

According to the Pew Research Center, this is the first time in a decade that the U.S. has admitted more Muslim refugees than Christians.

Obama did promise change. Here it is.