Muslim Mall Jihadist was Somali Migrant

My first reaction to the Minnesota mall attack in which a Muslim terrorist asked people if they were Muslim before attacking them was that it was an echo of the Westgate attack in Kenya. The Islamic terror group behind that attack has a good deal of support from Somali Muslim settlers squatting in Minnesota. 

Minnesota has had a disturbing number of Somali migrants inflicted on it and so it's not too surprising that the terrorist turned out to be a Somali out of Kenya.

The Muslim terrorist was Dahir Adan. And, predictably, we're getting the same entitled Muslim whining about an imaginary backlash.

Jaylani Hussein, executive director in Minnesota of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said Sunday that “we are definitely concerned about the potential for backlash in the community, both in the immediate run and the longer term.”

Hussein called the attack “an isolated incident, and we still don’t know the full facts.”

Ahmed Said, executive director of the Somali American Relations Council, said they don’t know whether religion motivated Adan, “but we know he is a Somali.”

“Let us not rush and jump into conclusions,” Said said in a statement. “… We strongly stress that everybody calms down and focus on what unites us than what divides us in these difficult times.”

What unites us is the risk of being murdered by Muslim terrorists. Like Dahir Adan, they don't care if we're white or black, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu or Jewish or Atheist. If we're not Muslims, they will try to kill us.