Did FBI Agree to Destroy Hillary Associates' Computers?

Obama turned the Border Patrol into coyotes. Small wonder then that the FBI would have been maneuvered into aiding the Hillary Clinton cover up effort. Though if this is true it represents a new low in an already deeply compromised investigation whose purpose appeared to be burying the case rather than investigating it.

According to House Judiciary Committee chairman Bob Goodlatte (R., Va.), the immunity agreements struck by the Justice Department with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, two top subjects of the FBI’s Clinton e-mail investigation, included “side agreements.” Pursuant to these side agreements, it was stipulated that (a) the FBI would not scrutinize any documents dated after January 31, 2015 (i.e., about five weeks before the most disturbing actions suggestive of obstruction of justice occurred); and (b) the FBI — in an investigation critically involving destruction of documents — would destroy the computers after conducting its search.

The immunity agreements were bad enough. This however amounts to destroying evidence.

Moreover, as the FBI and the Justice Department well knew, Clinton’s private e-mails are the subject of congressional oversight inquiries and Freedom of Information Act claims against the government that are being litigated in federal court. Again, why under those circumstances would the Justice Department and FBI agree not only that the evidence should be destroyed but, reportedly, that the FBI itself would do the destroying?

The FBI investigation simply nationalized Hillary's law breaking by distributing it further across the government into law enforcement. There is ample precedent for such behavior under Obama. Unfortunately.