Valerie Jarrett to Obama: "Don't You Wish You Could Run for Another Term?"

Another moment in the creepy relationship between Obama and his Iago. Hillary had her Huma. Obama has his Valerie. To pander to his ego until it becomes monstrous.

Not long before the election, Valerie Jarrett, the senior aide with the closest relationship to the Obamas, asked the President, “Don’t you sometimes wish you could run for another term? I’m sure you could win, and there’s so much more to do.”

David Remnick informs us that Obama nobly refused to consider disposing of an amendment that he had no more chance of winning Congressional cooperation on than he did of flapping his arms and flying to the moon. And yet it's a measure of the outrageous sycophancy and routine lawlessness of this administration that the notion was even on the table at all to any degree.