Hillary Clinton: Censor the Internet or People Will Die

Madam President stopped by Harry Reid's portrait unveiling (its eyes follow you around the room) to warn that if conservatives aren't censored on the internet, lies. I'm sorry, lives will be put at risk.

"One threat in particular that should concern all Americans," Hillary warned, "the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.”

"It's now clear that so-called fake news can have real consequences."

Consequences like the wife of a former president losing an election and the future of her slush fund all in one night.

"This isn't about politics or partisanship," she insisted, even though the sites being targeted are almost invariably right of center.

"Lives are at risk," she sonorously declared. "The lives of ordinary people."

It's time to take action. We must censor the internet to save lives.

"It's a danger that must be addressed and must be addressed quickly," Hillary, who had pushed to jail a filmmaker over a YouTube video mocking Mohammed, insisted.

It's "imperative that leaders in both the private and public sectors stand up to protect our democracy and innocent lives."

Quick we have to censor the internet or fake news will kill everyone.