Keith Ellison is No Anti-Semite, Says Anti-Semitic Nation Magazine

The Nation has taken a break from printing Russian propaganda and denouncing Jews... to claim that Keith Ellison isn't an anti-Semite. Despite Ellison's defense of anti-Semitism by the Nation of Islam's Louis Farrakhan and his claims that Jews are manipulating American politics. 

The Nation is probably not the defender that Keith Ellison needs considering its own problems with anti-Semitism.

In November 2015, The Nation, a prominent progressive magazine, published an essay by controversial professor Steven Salaita which raised complaints from a prominent Rabbi that the essay crossed the line from legitimate criticism of Israeli policy to anti-Semitism.

Describing Salaita as "controversial" is rather mild considering that he cheered the murder of Jewish teenagers. If there was any ambiguity whatsoever, he tweeted, "Zionists: transforming "antisemitism" from something horrible into something honorable."

How bad was Salaita's anti-Semitism? So bad that notorious Israel opponent Jill Jacobs, who spends most of her time attacking Israel, objected to it, writing that, " Steven Salaita resurrects some of the most vicious anti-Semitic tropes, protecting himself by assigning these slurs to Zionism and Zionists, clear stand-ins for Judaism and Jews."

Then there's the Nation Institute's link to Max Blumenthal's violently bigoted Goliath, a book that even opponents of Israel have called a work that Hamas would approve of. And its connection to this guy.

Richard Falk is a man who blames the Boston marathon terrorist attack on Israel (and America) – and shouldn’t be employed by government organizations, media or academic institutions.  That same man has claimed that the 9/11 World Trade Center attack was an American government conspiracy.  He posted on his website a blood-soaked dog eating bones, urinating on lady justice – wearing a yarmulke with a Jewish star.

Falk is a member of the editorial board of The Nation.

So you know that The Nation really knows anti-Semitism because it engages in it so compulsively that it even gets called out for it by other opponents of Israel for being too anti-Semitic. And with that knowledge, we should certainly take The Nation's word that Keith Ellison is not anti-Semitic.

If there's one thing The Nation knows, it's anti-Semitism.