Hey, Remember All That "Fearmongering" About Muslim Refugee Terror?

Last year media outlets were bellowing that no Muslim refugees had ever committed terror and that they never would since by virtue of being refugees they naturally hate ISIS and love gay pride parades. Never mind all the volumes of evidence to the contrary. 

Unsurprisingly the latest Muslim terrorist in a Pakistani refugee who apparently goes by Naved B. 

When Merkel threw open the doors to the calamitous horde of migrants, she ushered in utter disaster. The myth about Muslim refugee immunity from terror had already been collapsing. These days it's on its last legs but in the United States, the usual suspects will still strive to offer the usual arguments. Reality is hard to beat in a debate though. And reality is as grim as the horror that took place in Berlin.

Muslim refugees are a cold wind that blows terror through the cracks in the open borders of the world. Walls don't make good neighbors. They prevent horrors like the one that was inflicted on Christmas shoppers in Berlin.