TREASON: Obama Agrees to Let Iran Have Enough Uranium to Make 10 Nuclear Bombs

Democrats are throwing accusations involving "Russia" and "Treason" often enough these days. But they don't have much to say when Obama perpetrates actual treason.

Global powers, including the United States, have reached an agreement to provide Iran with nearly 130 tons of uranium—which experts believe would be enough to make 10 nuclear bombs.

Two diplomats involved with the deal told the Associated Press that the so-called P5+1 powers agreed to the transfer of Russian natural uranium in exchange for 44 tons of “heavy water” nuclear runoff, which Iran has already sent to Russia after it created more than was allowed under last year’s nuclear deal. That shipment to Russia involved the second time that Iran exceeded its heavy water limit; it shipped excess heavy water to Oman last year.

David Albright and Andrea Stricker of the Institute for Science and International Security criticized Iran’s excess heavy water deals in a research paper (.pdf) published last month, pointing out that instead of insisting that Iran abide by the terms of the deal, “the United States tolerated and minimized Iran’s violations and sought to legitimize its international standing as a commercial supplier of heavy water.” Albright told the AP that “depending on the efficiency of the enrichment process and the design of the nuclear weapon,” Iran could create more than 10 atomic bombs with the uranium it will receive.

But while leaking Podesta's emails counts as treason, to the Democrats, allowing an enemy terror state to pick up enough uranium for 10 bombs isn't a problem. That's just how traitors think.

There are two kinds of traitors

1. The ideological kind

2. The self-serving kind

The former genuinely believe in their treason. Think of the Communist nuclear spies of the Cold War. The latter are advancing their own interests. The Democrats alternate between these two types of treason. There are those who genuinely believe that America is evil and that Iran gaining nuclear weapons will be a setback for the evil neo-liberal imperialists of America and Israel. And there are those who would continue backing Obama no matter what he does because of political convenience. While the latter may be less outright evil than the former, both are treason.