Dem Senator Demands Trump's Atty General Pick Disavow David Horowitz

Vietnam War "hero" Senator Dick Blumenthal decided to take the best left-wing opposition research and throw it at Senator Jeff Sessions, Trump's pick for Attorney General. In a creepy scene out of the Soviet Union, Blumenthal demanded that Senator Sessions disavow Horowitz and the Freedom Center.

"At an event called Restoration Weekend, you gave a speech praising a man named David Horowitz as a man I admire," Blumenthal sneered. "David Horowitz has said, among other things, that, quote, all the major Muslim organizations in America are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, and quote, 80 percent of mosques are filled with hate against Jews and Americans."

Blumenthal demanded to know whether Sessions was embarrassed to have praised David Horowitz.

Sessions refused Blumenthal's demand and instead praised Horowitz's "brilliant book" Radical Son, recalling it as a "powerful and moving story of how he moved from the unprincipled radical totalitarian left to a more traditional American person." 

"He's a most brilliant individual and has a remarkable story."

"You received an award from the David Horowitz Freedom Center in 2014," Blumenthal barked. He followed that up by accusing David Horowitz of racism.

"I don't believe that David Horowitz is a racist," Sessions gently replied. He recalled that the award he received, the Annie Taylor Award. "That was the lady that went over Niagara Falls in a barrel."

Laughter rose in the room.

Blumenthal's attack had been deflated. The left had taken its shot and failed.

When Blumenthal demanded that Sessions disavow an award from Frank Gaffney and the Center for Security Policy. Sessions pointed out that Senator Lieberman, who had been their party's candidate for vice president, had received the same award.

Blumenthal failed again and ran out of time.