This Charismatic Muslim Marxist Terrorist Drug Smuggler Should Be the Dem 2020 Favorite

The great big question in national politics now is 2020. Will it be Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren? But an unlikely candidate has emerged south of the border.

The newly appointed vice president of Venezuela is suspected by American intelligence of drug smuggling as well as close ties to Iran, Syria, and Hezbollah, Business Insider reported Thursday.

The appointment of Tareck El Aissami, formerly the governor of Aragua state, means that if he could become the country’s president if the increasingly-embattled Nicholas Maduro is recalled or steps down.

If you're wondering why a guy named Tarek El Aissami is a politician in Venezuela, there's an easy answer. It involves the second favorite Dem dictator named Hussein. 

But the crucial part is that Tarek has it all. He's so hated that appointing him as VP was a poison pill move by Venezuela's insane Marxist dictator, who talks to birds and starves his people, to prevent him from being recalled. 

And he's into drug smuggling (common sense sentencing reform) and terrorism (battling Islamophobia through explosive awareness campaigns) and if he sneaks across the border, he could even be an illegal alien. He truly has it all.

The Democrats would be fools to let this opportunity pass them by. Why settle for second rate imitations of Obama like Cory Booker. Go for the real thing. An actual Marxist Muslim allegedly involved in drugs and terrorism. If he's not the front runner for the Dem nomination in 2020, I'll eat my dinner. Which is more than most Venezuelans living under Socialism can do.