5 Members of House Progressive Caucus to Boycott Trump Inauguration

The Democrats have moved far to the left. And the House Progressive Caucus's extremism embodies just how far left they have moved. So we now have 5 Prog caucus members boycotting the inauguration. 

They include Barbara Lee, Co-chair Raúl Grijalva, Katherine Clark, Jared Huffman and Luis Gutiérrez. I'm surprised that Keith Ellison has yet to officially join them.

This latest tantrum shows just how extreme and disruptive the House Progressive Caucus has become. At a time when the country is seeking unity, they have done everything possible to disrupt, sabotage and undermine.

It is also worth noting how many complaints there were about the disrespect extended to Obama. And that was a uniquely racist phenomenon. What does one call this angry tantrum?