President Trump Could Use Voter ID to Crush the Left

Let's be honest.

The Democrats have been running on voter fraud for most of their history. The only reason that they have been fighting Voter ID tooth and nail is because they are protecting their voter fraud lifeline. And everyone knows it.

Majorities of both parties support Voter ID. 

The Democrats protest that Voter ID is a plot to disenfranchise minority voters. But minority voters also support Voter ID. If the issue were the supposed difficulty of getting an ID, they could formulate a plan that would allow all their voters to get cards without too much trouble.

We have ID requirements for getting into bars, driving a car and buying cold medication. If you have to show ID while buying Sudafed, there's no logical argument against having to show an ID to vote.

Not one.

The only argument against Voter ID is voter fraud. 

The left is vocally arguing there were no illegal voters... and that Voter ID isn't needed. But if there are no illegal voters, why not have Voter ID? 

The question answers itself.

President Trump should champion an investigation. And the outcome should be a national system of Voter ID in national elections. This is what the left is terrified of. Why the left specifically? Because the left operates strongest in enclaves where voter fraud is prevalent. 

Aside from some lefty towns and suburbs, they depend heavily on highly dubious vote counts in urban areas. It's time to end the debate, launch the investigation and usher in an age of legitimate voting.