Anti-Trump Protesters Knock 71-Year-Old Woman Unconscious

The heroic "resistance" of upper middle class lefties dedicated to courageously assaulting people they disagree with it struck again.

The news has been full of Republican congressmen being jeered at town halls by astroturfed left-wing protesters bussed in for that purpose, who often don't even live in the district. The mainstream media's Fake News operation however reports on these as if they were legitimate constituent outrage. Much the same way that the media insisted that the Tea Party town hall protests were astroturfed.

More protesters were then dispatched to harass Republicans who weren't holding town halls. The group harassing one GOP congressman's office was Indivisible.   

The Indivisible Team (IT) was established by a group of five former Democratic congressional staffers in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump's victory over Hillary Clinton in the November 2016 presidential election. One of the five founders, IT board president Ezra Levin, had previously served as associate director of government affairs at the Corporation for Enterprise Development, and as an AmeriCorps VISTA employee in the Homeless Services Division of the San Jose Department of Housing. Another key founder, IT board secretary Angel Padilla, had worked as an immigration policy consultant at the National Council of La Raza, and as an adviser to Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Illinois) from 2009-11.

Specifically, the IT Guide advises leftists to follow the Tea Party model of being “locally focused” rather than attempting to appeal to people across broad geographic areas, and “almost purely defensive” – meaning that they should expend their energies chiefly on opposing Trump rather than on “developing their own [alternative] policy agenda.” “Defining a proactive agenda,” said IT in December 2016, “is time-intensive, divisive, and, quite frankly, a distraction, since there is zero chance that we as progressives will get to put our agenda into action at the federal level in the next four years.” The goal, therefore, should be to “stall the Trump agenda by forcing [Congressional Republicans] to redirect energy away from their priorities,” on the theory that “a day that they spend worrying about [rowdy protesters] is a day that they’re not ending Medicare, privatizing public schools, or preparing a Muslim registry.”

In short, the purpose is pure sabotage. And what better way to sabotage Republicans than by knocking a staffer unconscious?

Kathleen Staunton, 71, who has managed Rohrabacher's office since his first term in 1989, apparently attempted to leave through the front door to go to the bathroom, when “a protester yanked the door open, causing her to fall and hit her head."

There are some more specific details of what happened when Indivisible activists showed up to harass the office.

At least one of the activists then began tugging at the door while the woman on the other side, district director Kathleen Staunton, tried to close it. A male activist then grabbed the door and forcefully pulled it open. That caused Staunton, who was pulling from the other side, to fall.

So a male Indivisible activist tried to force open a door from a 71-year-old lady leading to her injury.

This doesn't surprise me in the least because I've seen male lefty protesters deliberately set out to target women, particularly older women.