Police: 2nd University of Michigan "Trump" Hate Crime Also a Hoax

Remember the rash of "hate crimes" after Trump's victory? Some were obvious hoaxes. Some were less obvious hoaxes.

Two of the obvious hoaxes that involved University of Michigan students were determined to be... hoaxes.

Here's the first one. The most shocking of the string of "Hijab" attacks which proved to be hoaxes.

A University of Michigan student who told police in November that a man threatened to set her hijab on fire could face charges after investigators discovered she fabricated the entire story, police announced Wednesday.

Except she isn't being charged. Because Muslim Privilege is more powerful than the law. Even the name of the perpetrator hasn't been released the way that of a normal criminal would be.

Here's the second one, which was even more blatantly a hoax.

A University of Michigan student says a stranger came up from behind her and cut her left cheek Tuesday afternoon.

Police say it happened on Liberty Street in downtown Ann Arbor when the man and cut her with a safety pin similar to the one she wore on her shirt. They also have been worn in the US to protest Donald Trump's election.

The suspect police are looking for in this incident is a 45-year-old white man but investigators only have a vague description.

The student wore headphones and couldn't hear what the man may have said, but feels the safety pin normally used in the UK to protest Brexit and show unity for minorities who feel threatened to leave the union, played a role.

"The victim in this case feels that may have been the motivator behind the attack," said Lt. Matthew Lige, Ann Arbor police.

FOX 2 spoke with a number of businesses on Liberty and no one saw the incident, but say having several cases over the past few days including one where a Muslim student was intimidated to remove her hijab has caused tension on campus.

One proved to be as real as the other.

After months of investigating, Ann Arbor police believe that two of three claims of possible hate crimes in November 2016 were false reports.

Ann Arbor police Detective Lt. Matthew Lige said after an exhaustive investigation, the inconsistencies with the reported victim's statements and lack of surveillance footage of the incident as reported led police to submit as request for criminal charges.

"Flat out, it did not happen," Lige said of the Nov. 15 report.

The woman who reported the incident - a 21-year-old Ann Arbor woman - could face a misdemeanor charge for falsely reporting a misdemeanor assault, but that will be decided after review by the county prosecutor's office.

The Washtenaw County Prosecuting Attorney's Office has declined to charge a second woman who police say falsely reported the Nov. 11 incident, in which she claimed a man threatened to set her hijab on fire.  

So we have two anonymous women, one of whom isn't being charged, who have wasted enormous amounts of resources and taxpayer money in order to smear Americans.

Though Lige declined to comment further on the false report cases, he noted that Ann Arbor police, University of Michigan police and the FBI put considerable time and resources into the investigations.

"Certainly there were other investigations that were stalled because of the high-profile nature of these two - these three, rather," he said.

"These three investigations were incredibly time-consuming given the nature of the allegations and the collaboration from the local law enforcement and the federal law enforcement was very much appreciated," he said. "From an investigator's standpoint, to get to the conclusion that these never happened at all is certainly very frustrating."

Maybe it's time to start holding hate crime hoaxes accountable.