Senators Booker and Corker are Still Weasels

The Senate hearing for David Friedman, Trump's pick for Ambassador to Israel, was the ugly spectacle everyone expected with showboating by Cardin, Shaheen, Coons, Kaine and other unmentionables. 

Senator Cory Booker now insists on fake crying as his default stunt. The man who voted for the Iran nuke sellout that will empower the Jihadists to kill millions of Jews did his fake crying thing over Friedman's criticisms of Obama and Hillary Clinton. And his criticism of the State Department. Then he launched into his whining about refering to J Street as "Kapos".

Except Booker insisted on pronouncing it to rhyme with "Capers". 

And then there was Senator Corker (R - Boeing), the man who gave us the Iran deal while pretending to fight against it, who stuck his knife in.

“I’m just curious about this job and its importance to you to be willing to recant every single strongly held belief that you have,” added Corker, who chairs the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Friedman called strengthening the bond between the U.S and Israel of utmost importance to him. “This is something that I really want to do because I think I can do it well,” he said.

Corker is of course a fine one to talk. But it was a moment that showed Corker's contempt for the pro-Israel position and for Friedman.