Pakistani Caught With Pipe Bombs, Knives: Nothing To Do With Islam

Don't worry.

Just like every other "Lone Wolf" terrorist, the official spin is that he's suffering from "mental illness". The unique form of mental illness suffered by Muslims which requires them to assemble bombs and try to murder infidels while shouting, "Allah Akbar".

Adam Hayat, the man with Denver connections arrested Thursday in California after unexploded devices were found at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel, is being held at a federal detention facility in Los Angeles.

Investigators have been mum on Hayat’s arrest, however, ABC News reports that Hayat, who is an American citizen and of Pakistani descent, was found with knives after apparently flying to Los Angeles. He was arrested near the airport.

Law enforcement found unexploded devices at the Sheraton Hotel in downtown Denver, where he was staying, according to Denver7.

Don't worry, he's not a terrorist. He just has PTSD, psoriasis, an itch in his left elbow, OCD, PHD, DDS and a copy of the Koran.

Speaking to the television station, Sultan Hayat, the father of the suspect, said his son has history of mental health problems, including PTSD, bipolar disorder and symptoms of attention deficit disorder.

He's got it all.

Maybe we should consider an immigration ban on Pakistan which seems to have a high proportion of certain kinds of explosive disorders.

“Police called this morning from Denver, and I talked to them,” Sultan told Denver7. “They said he had bought some firearms, and they were concerned that he may hurt himself or someone else.”