Obama Campaign Manager Fined for Illegally Lobbying Obama Chief of Staff

Uber decided, who better to lobby Obama's former Chief of Staff, turned Mayor of Chicago, than his former Campaign Manager, turned Unethical Weasel. And for the first time, someone in Chicago politics affiliated with Obama gets punished for bad behavior.

There's always a first time.

Former-President Obama’s ex-campaign manager was fined $90,000 on Thursday for illegally lobbying Chicago’s mayor on behalf of Uber.

The Chicago Board of Ethics determined that David Plouffe violated ethics rules when he failed to register as a lobbyist after contacting Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Chicago has a Board of Ethics? It must look like the office of the Maytag repariman.

Anyway Uber got it wrong. You go the Lyft way by funding terrorist lawyers at the ACLU. Then you get celebrities to promote you for, possibly, refusing to pick up passengers at JFK in support of Muslim terrorists.

Meanwhile Plouffe will have to cut back on his ski vacation to the Alps and fly business class instead of first class. Hopefully he'll make up for it with even more unethical lobbying.