100 Islamic Terror Attacks in Israel in Bloody January

European countries are slowly confronting the reality of having a large hostile Muslim population inside their borders. But this is what it's really like on a day to day basis. There are a few countries that have been dealing with for a while. Israel is one. India is another. 

It's just a constant onslaught of attacks to which there is no peaceful solution.

The murder of five Israelis in January by Islamic "Palestinian" terrorists made that month the deadliest since June, according to the Shin Bet security service. Four of the victims were killed by a terrorist in Jerusalem on January 8, when the assailant drove his truck into a crowd of soldiers near the Armon Hanatziv building in the neighborhood of East Talpiot.

Another man was killed the previous week in Haifa. A total of 100 attacks recorded in January left 16 wounded in total, according to Shin Bet’s monthly report, which was published earlier this week.

Shin Bet recorded 98 attacks in December. 

Most of these don't make the headlines, but imagine living in a small country where there are some 100 attacks every month. Much of this Islamic violence continues to be funded by foreign aid, from the US and Europe, to the Palestinian Authority, which pays the "salaries" of anyone who attempts to kill or succeeds in killing Israelis.

It must end.

Whatever anti-Israel groups like J Street or If Not Now claim, the policies they advocate perpetuate this anti-Semitic violence