Lefties Freak Out Over That Trump May Cut Funds for "Piss Christ" Agency

Lefties are already freaking out over reports that President Trump may slash the garbage arts programs of the NEA. The NEA should have been in the dumpster a long time ago, but Bush salvaged it and boosted its budget. 

Now we're getting the usual routine about how defunding the NEA would harm the "arts". As if people don't remember Karen Finley and the garbage that the NEA actually funds. Here's a reminder.

The NEA helped fund Piss Christ. It's exactly what it sounds like.

Andres Serrano’s work — a “photograph of the crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine” — first ignited controversy in 1989 when D’Amato complained to the US Senate that it was an “outrage,” an “indignity” and a “piece of trash” that had been funded by taxpayers. Serrano had won a $15,000 prize for his work, backed in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

And then there's Karen Finley

"Last year, Finley was denied an NEA grant after criticism of her piece "We Keep Our Victims Ready," in which she smears her breasts with chocolate as part of a monologue symbolizing the oppression and degradation of women."

More to the point...

About one-third of the way through the show comes the much-maligned moment that the curious may have come for, as she quietly removes her dress and pours Jell-o into her bra. In passing, she torches a cake decorated with little American flags.

A few minutes later she removes the bra and smears herself with chocolate frosting. She sprinkles red candies on top, adds a ``few billion`` bean sprouts ``symbolizing sperm,`` and ends up with a layer of Christmas tree tinsel so that the overall effect is of a shimmering evening dress.

In full regalia, she launches into the second act, a recitation of ``We Keep Our Victims Ready,`` which compares discrimination against homosexuals, minorities and women to the policies employed in Nazi Germany.

Now Finley is back condemning President Trump for possible cuts to the NEA garbage machine. It's worth remembering that when lefties cry about what will happen to the arts, this is what they mean by art.