Hardball Convenes All-Star Cast of Minor Celebs to Attack Ryan's Widow

In a weird sad performance, Hardball decided to convene Meathead, that guy from the West Wing (no, the other guy), Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore and Bill Maher to discuss the State of the Union.

Kathy Griffin got high marks for most unhinged. Bill Maher, Rob Reiner and Michael Moore sneered at the widow of Ryan Owens as a prop.

"It was cringe-worthy ... talk about using someone as a prop. It was disgraceful," said Meathead. 

Disgraceful might be a better description of Hardball quoting Rob Reiner. Meathead didn't think that the left's sudden affection for Gold Star parents was cringe-worthy. Or using them as a prop.

But at least MSNBC is proving that it can always a new low to sink to.