Number of Anti-Semitic Assaults Doubled Under Obama

Some interesting number crunching from Seth Franzman on anti-Semitic attacks. And some of the results are  striking.

When we tally the total number of incidents between 2009 and 2015, the overall number of attacks reaches more than 7,000. However, the number of assaults increased, almost doubling during the Obama administration.

Overall, there was an average of 84 incidents a month under the Obama administration. Let’s step back for a moment and compare that to the 95 incidents between January and February 2017. That’s a 10% increase. It could be more once all the data comes in. But the media haven’t been telling us there is a slight increase; the narrative has been that there is an antisemitic wave sweeping the US. In Berlin, there was a 16% increase in antisemitic incidents by comparison. ...

One of the key indicators of rising antisemitism during the Obama years was the number of physical assaults. From a low of 17 in 2012 they rose to 56 in 2015. The ADL noted a “dramatic rise” in assaults that year.

Where was the media in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 to highlight thousands of incidents of antisemitism? 210 physical assaults on Jews. 3,900 threats against Jews and Jewish institutions. 2,900 incidents of vandalism. 180 incidents of antisemitism on campus. Every six days, a Jewish person in America was being attacked in 2015 and it went largely ignored. On average, there were threats every day against Jews and Jewish institutions over the last eight years and most of them did not receive headlines.

There were also incidents of vandalism every day on average. Why did 7,034 incidents of antisemitism not get major headlines for so long? Was it because of an agenda to protect the Obama administration from criticism, or due to complacency and people becoming inured to the phenomenon?

The obvious answer is that there was no interest in discussing the issue. Jews are low down on the intersectional privilege caste system. And anti-Semitism is widespread on the left.

Furthermore quite a few plots against synagogues came from Muslims. And their perpetrators were defended and whitewashed by the left as victims of law enforcement.

The rash of bomb threats were picked up because they played into a larger media narrative about a rise in bigotry under Trump. Not because the media actually cares. Their perpetrators are unknown, but if they turn out to be Muslims, the story will be dropped like a hot potato.