Trump Team Members Who Are Realistic About Islam and Illegal Immigration Are The Target

Isn't it funny how the people being targeted for attacks are those figures in the Trump administration whose views are most out of step with the consensus, not just in the Democrat ranks, but among Republicans.

The conventional wisdom in some conservative circles is that the goal is to bring down President Trump.  Sure, the left would like that. But it's not just the left doing it. 

Despite what Olbermann screeches, the smarter people on both sides know that impeachment is unlikely. But their goal is to isolate Trump within his own administration by swapping out advisers and cabinet members with unconventional views for old hands with much more conventional ones.

The formula is easy. Smear or dig up some dirt.

Then you swap out Flynn, who was pretty clear on Islam, for McMasters, who will lecture Trump on the danger of saying "Radical Islamic terrorism" because it alienates Muslims.

Force out Puzder and you can replace him with Acosta, an old hand with much safer views who isn't likely to rattle the establishment. Either one of them.

Go after Gorka and you can bring in somebody who will emphasize how ISIS has hijacked a great religion.

Take out Sessions and you can replace him with somebody much friendlier to amnesty and Islamic migration.

The Dems will put up a hard fight over some nominees, even when they're not all that conservative, if there is a special interest, e.g. the teachers' unions, that cares. But this kind of smear campaign that we are seeing is reserved for Trump people who are outside the usual Dem-Pub consensus because they hold realistic views on Islam or illegal immigration. 

Take out enough of these guys, replace them with Bush people, and you end up with a much "safer" administration.