Pro-Palestinian Black Muslim Leftist Arrested in Jewish Center Bomb Threats

The authorities now have a suspect in at least some of the bomb threats that have been called in to Jewish organizations. His name is Juan M Thompson and he's a leftist who worked for Intercept, a pro-terrorist and often anti-Semitic site, and he isn't a fan of Jews or Trump. Some of his tweets also use the word "Allah" and mention that he reverted to Islam.

He also apparently voted for Bernie Sanders and wanted a "revolution".

"The FBI just visited me and asked if I was a Marxist. I said "By Marxist do you mean a defender of humanity?" #resist," he apparently tweeted,

The charges against him though only list 8 threats to Jewish centers. That's a fraction of the total number of threats.

And the charges claim that he was trying to frame an ex-girlfriend. So it's quite possible that we're dealing with a copycat who fastened on to the larger wave of bomb threats to try and get his ex in trouble. But it's still interesting to see how little Juan fits the profile of the kind of bomber that the left was expecting. 

He's African-American and a hard leftist. The Twitter account alleged to be his (via Yossi Gestetner) has plenty of anti-Trump material. There is an attack on Geert Wilders. rants about white people and a retweet of the anti-Semitic hate group (despite its deceptive name) Jewish Voice for Peace.

Typical tweets include, "Wow. The #Oscars are fucking and toying and exploiting black ppl like America has done for centuries. White folk are trash" and "White fucking ppl are always the victims. We've had 500+ years of being terorrized by your vile ilk."

.There are assorted retweets of anti-Israel and anti-Semitic accounts, including Max Blumenthal, whose attacks on the Jewish State were cited by the Kansas City Jewish community center gunman.

"Why do imperialists love bombing beaches? B/c they are terrorists who love killing innocents. #Gaza", he tweeted in an attack on Israel.

"#gazaunderattack Palestine is one of the poorest places on earth, there's never an excuse to bomb them. Fucking never."

The account expressed opposition to America and borders. "I do realize that. Your concept of America means nothing to me. And trust. . . we will win in the long run. #abolishborders".

"We don't want America like NY, we want it like Havana," he declares at one point.

The politics are as hard left as they get, "Jealousy of rich ppl will get me nowhere, but an organized revolt that seizes their wealth will liberate me and you."