There is a Right to be Uninsured

There are people who want health insurance. And they should have the ability to get it at a reasonable price. The best way to do that is to significantly cut the cost of health care by jettisoning much of the administrative and regulatory infrastructure that is driving up the cost of health care, much like the cost of the education. It's the centralized model of trying to deliver the same thing to everyone, exemplified by ObamaCare, that does that.

But there are millions of people out there, generally young and healthy, who don't want health insurance. And despite the Supreme Court's ruling, that is also a right.

You have a right not to buy health insurance. You may have to deal with the consequences. But that's how a free country works. We don't force people to buy something just because they breathe and are alive. 

The media responded to the CBO release with the usual doomcrying about the growing ranks of the uninsured. Meanwhile its solution was a mandate forcing them to buy worthless ObamaCare policies "for their own good". Except instead of being for their own good, they were being served up as captive consumers to bribe insurance companies into covering Obama's parasitic base hungry for freebies.

Free market health care should provide doctors, hospitals and all people with options. And that includes the option to opt out. 

Our freedoms are not entitlements. Our Bill of Rights protects us from government interference. That's what makes America, America.