Remember When Obama Got Rid of Syria's WMDs?

Obama lied, people died

A brief history of Obama's posturing, hypocrisy and lies.

After threatening Syria's Assad with a fake Red Line over the use of WMDs, Assad called Obama's bluff. The Red Line turned red. But Assad knew that Obama wouldn't do anything because he was trying to cozy up to Iran. And Iran was backing Assad to the hilt. It had put a lot of money and a lot of Hezbollah lives on the line.

The Russians, who were backing Iran and Syria, helped Obama get out of this mess with a fake WMD deal. Even Kerry wasn't too keen on it, but Obama leaped at it. No WMDs. No Red Line. No problem.

Of course the whole thing was a lie. The Syrians turned over some WMDs to help Obama save face. Iran and Russia bailed Obama out politically. In return he aligned more fully with them in Iraq and eventually Syria.

You had statements like this coming out of the White House that weren't worth the fax paper they were printed on. "Statement by the President on the Completion by the M/V Cape Ray of the Destruction of Syria’s Declared Chemical Weapons".

"Today, we mark a milestone in our unrelenting work to ensure the end of the Assad regime’s deadly chemical arsenal: the United States has finished neutralizing the regime’s deadliest chemical weapons aboard the Cape Ray," Kerry declared.

Obama Inc. talked up the fake Syria deal the way they would be talking up the fake Iran deal.

In the end, a surprise diplomatic opportunity arose: following an off-hand remark from Secretary of State John Kerry that Assad could avoid airstrikes by turning over all of his chemical weapons, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov contacted his Syrian counterpart, who got Assad to agree.

“It was the right decision,” Derek Chollet, former Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, tells FRONTLINE in tomorrow’s film. “Had we conducted the military campaign that had been planned, we would not have taken out a high percentage of his chemical weapons. The credible threat of force brought about an opening for diplomacy, to come in, which then led to something that no one thought was possible.”

Yes. No one thought possible. Because it wasn't.

But... Peace in Our Time.

U.S. completes task of destroying Syrian chemical agents

The Obama administration said Monday that it has finished destroying the lethal chemical agents that were removed from Syria after President Bashar Assad's forces were accused of using poison gas against civilians a year ago this week.

In a statement, President Obama hailed the joint civilian and military effort, which destroyed more than 600 tons of sarin and mustard agents, as "an important achievement in our ongoing effort to counter the spread of weapons of mass destruction."

Once at sea, the machines eliminate 99.9% of the chemical agents, creating a liquid byproduct that is considered hazardous waste but has a low level of toxicity, according to U.S. officials.

"In record time, even amid a civil war, we removed and have now destroyed the most dangerous chemicals in the regime's declared stockpiles," Secretary of State John F. Kerry said in a statement.

That Fake News comes from the LA Times which is also rushing to blame President Trump for Obama's treason.