UN: There's No Such Thing as a Violent Protest

The UN. What would we do without it?

The useless collective of dictatorships, which can't find anything amiss in China, Russia, Iran, Zimbabwe or Hell, is always criticizing our human rights. This latest critique is particularly insane

 UN experts urged American lawmakers Thursday to stop pushing "undemocratic" anti-protest legislation, which they warned breached US and international law ensuring rights to freedom of expression and assembly.

Since the presidential election in November, lawmakers in at least 19 US states have introduced bills to restrict the rights of protesters, the United Nations rights experts warned.

And since January, when President Donald Trump took office, "a number of undemocratic bills have been proposed in state legislatures with the purpose or effect of criminalising peaceful protests," they said in a statement.

By peaceful protests, they mean those usual "peaceful protest suddenly turned violent and led to the murder of eight police officers, thirty bystanders and nine giraffes" type of peaceful protests.

The UN insists that there is also a right to block traffic without being arrested.

The experts pointed for instance to an Indiana Senate bill that would allow law enforcement to "use any means necessary to clear the roads of people unlawfully obstructing vehicular traffic".

I would be quite interested to see how tolerant the UN would be of people blocking its personnel from driving in and out.

They also balked at other legislation characterising protests as "violent".

"There can be no such thing in law as a violent protest, ... (only) violent protesters, who should be dealt with individually and appropriately by law enforcement," they said.

That explains how all these peaceful protests suddenly turn violent. A race riot is just a peaceful protest composed of violent protesters.