The Fresno Shooting is What Happened When All Lives Don't Matter

Under Obama, the left transformed saying All Lives Matter into all but a hate crime. The message was clear. Only Black Lives Matter. No one else's lives matter.

That was certainly the attitude of Muhammad, the Fresno killer who murdered three white men for the color of their skin. Muhammad is the latest in a series of Black Nationalist terrorist, a violent racist movement that was embraced by the left from the top down. Black Lives Matter is a racist Black Nationalist movement. It is not a coincidence that a string of Black Nationalist terrorists have endorsed the hate group's goals. And Black Lives Matter draws inspiration from yet another Black Nationalist terrorist.

Looking beyond the victimhood, it's painfully obvious that the rejection of All Lives Matter is a rejection of the universal worth of human beings. That's in keeping with the racist views of Black Nationalists.

Fresno did not happen in a vacuum. Just as Muslim terrorism doesn't happen in a vacuum. It's the end result of a racist ideology being propagandized by the entertainment industry, inculcated by academia and promoted by the previous administration.

All Lives Matter is a courageous rejection of the insistence by Muhammad and other Black Nationalists and their left-wing allies that only the lives of one race matter. If we want to see where that attitude leads, look to Dallas and Fresno.