Before Seizing GM, Venezuela Tried to Make a Car with Iran

If at first your terror car doesn't succeed, just seize GM.

Venezuela's seizure of a GM plant with the result that the company is leaving the collapsing Socialist country morphing into a Communist dictatorship is making the news. Before this, back when the oil-rich left-wing narcostate was flush with cash, there was another plan.

Venezuela/Iran deliver first 300 “anti imperialist” cars

The first 300 units of the so called “anti imperialist automobile”, jointly produced by Venezuela and Iran were delivered this week in Caracas to recent graduates of the Venezuelan Military Academy.

The factory, located west of Caracas in Maracay, will produce some 25,000 cars per year using Iranian technology.

The first model, the Turpial at a price of US$7,906, is a 4-door sedan based on the old Kia Pride model. The second is the Centauro, at a price of US$11,069 and is based on the Peugeot 405 given that the French firm is the main supplier of engines and technology to the Iranian company.

So Iranian technology is really a Kia and a Peugot. Also the cars were for the military dictatorship. Sadly it doesn't look like the only non-exploding thing based on Iranian technology was a success. Maybe the Iranian tech at GM will work better when the starving mobs advance on the presidential palace.