Howard Dean: Better Communists Than Far Right

Howard Dean's Twitter is oddly packed with his thoughts on domestic politics in other countries. Or maybe not so odd considering the transnational nature of the left. For Dean, the international left matters more than America. So he expressed his views on the French election.


Melenchon is as hard left as it gets. His movement incorporates the Communists. On top of that he's been accused of flirting with anti-Semitism and Islamism. So we've gone from Better Dead Than Red... to Better Red.

But then Howie had a moment of reconsideration.

That's quite a statement from the dean of the far left in this country. But it's not as if Howard Dean seems to be of this country. But this is part of Howard Dean's weird approach to international politics.

Who exactly is "we?" When did Dean becomes a British citizen.