Hezbollah Sure Sounds Like It's Afraid of an Israeli Attack

You don't have to be a great student of human psychology to pick up on it.

A Hezbollah commander on Thursday guided a group of journalists on a tour of the Israel-Lebanon border, according to media reports.

“We’re not afraid of war,” Israel’s Channel 2 quoted him as saying. “The enemy understands this. We are firm in our positions…We will not hesitate to go to war and are even expecting it. We will fight when we are compelled to and we will win."

We're not afraid to fight! And we won't hesitate to fight... if we have to fight. So you better not fight us because we're not at all afraid to fight you. Really. And it would be foolish of you to fight us.

 Israel has been deterred by Hezbollah and it would be “foolish and reckless” for the Jewish state to launch a military campaign on its northern border, the Lebanese terror group’s deputy leader claimed on Thursday.

Qassem also expressed confidence regarding the terror organization’s readiness and capabilities in any future conflict with Israel, saying, “The level of Hezbollah’s readiness enables it to withstand any possible war, both numerically and in terms of means and goals.”


Hezbollah has been bleeding rather badly in Syria. And the casualties are bad enough that many of its Jihadists don't want to report for duty. Hezbollah has a paper force. People are listed who won't actually fight. Because their opponents aren't going to be afraid of their human shields or will pull back when the UN and the State Department barks. 

Fighting fellow Islamic terrorists is much less fun than fighting Israel. But Hezbollah's manpower is badly overextended in an Islamic civil war against enemies as cruel and treacherous as themselves.