Bernie Sanders: "How Can You Call Something "Health Care Reform” When Millions of People Lose Their Health Insurance?"

Socialist Senator Sanders has a great question. "How can you call something "health care reform” when millions of people lose their health insurance?"

Good question. Considering that Bernie Sanders voted for ObamaCare which deprived millions of their doctors and their health insurance. How can you call ObamaCare health care reform when it deprived millions of their health insurance?

Also Bernie's campaign plan was Single Payer that would have effectively destroyed health insurance and health care in America for far more people spreading misery, pain and debt. His own campaign website boasts, "Sanders’ plan would save consumers money by eliminating expensive and wasteful private health insurance."

So Bernie Sanders is attacking Republicans while plotting to eliminate health insurance for the entire country. But Bernie embodies the hypocrisy, lies and fearmongering of the left.

Meanwhile Bernie is fuming that the government is no longer herding millions into the ObamaCare gulag at gunpoint.

"What (Republicans) are doing now is consciously sabotaging the Affordable Care Act," Sanders said. "For example, not enforce the individual mandate -- many billions of dollars are not coming into the system and then rates are going up."

Sanders, like the rest of the left, veers from claiming that these people would be tragically left "uninsured" without ObamaCare. Then he shows his true ugly Socialist face by screeching that they have to be herded under the mandate as cash cows to subsidize the failing system.