Maybe the Media Should Stop Leaking Classified Info About That ISIS Spy

Let's recap.

The media claimed that President Trump revealed classified information about ISIS to the Russians. To demonstrate how "dangerous" this was, they and their allies in the government have claimed that this compromises an Israeli asset embedded within ISIS. (This should not be taken to mean an Israeli spy, more likely a Muslim turncoat compromised by the Mossad.)

It's unknown whether any of this is true. At this point any damaging media story which is based on anonymous quotes should be treated as fake news until proven otherwise.

But assuming it's true, compromising an Israeli asset to the Russians is bad. Compromising an Israeli asset embedded in ISIS to ISIS is much, much worse. And that is what the media seems to be doing. Its publications attacking Trump for classified disclosures are potentially far more damaging. And as usual the media doesn't care. Its only objective is to hurt Trump any which way it can. If it were in possession of the nuclear codes, it would pass them to terrorists if it could be spun to undermine Trump.

That's the pathological mindset we're dealing with.

If the media really wants us to believe this story is real, maybe it should stop acting in a way that seriously undermines its claims.