The Failed Obama Lynching of Officer Betty Shelby

The Obama BLM lynch mob doesn't keep coming up with much once they get in front of a jury. The lynch mob insisted on dragging Officer Betty Shelby in front of a jury for shooting Terrence Crutcher, a thug on PCP who was reported firing a gun.

And the jury, four of whose members were African-American, did its job. And justice prevailed.

Of course the media is in mourning. The mayor has announced that the jury's verdict changes nothing. (Who cares about the truth anyway.) But once again the police lynch mob has failed to get their case past a jury. 

All the Black Lives Matter rhetoric about police genocide is unsupported by the actual facts. Jurors, black or white, don't buy it. This is why Obama, Holder and Lynch had to use lynch mobs and intimidate police departments into consent decrees.

The truth is never on their side.