Biden: Hillary Wasn't a Great Candidate, I Was

And who can argue with America's humblest politician. Joe Biden. Who almost ran for president, but then didn't, and now won't stop talking about it, while being just as indecisive about a 2020 run.

Speaking at the SALT hedge fund conference in Las Vegas, Biden told attendees that he believed he could have done a better job taking on President Trump on the campaign trail, CNN reported.

"I never thought she was a great candidate. I thought I was a great candidate," Biden remarked.

You can see why Biden and Obama were a perfect pair. On the surface they don't seem to have much in common, but they're both egomaniacs convinced of their own genius. It must have been hellish for Biden to spend 8 years as the second banana, to see him cut a deal with Hillary leaving Crazy Uncle Joe to ride the Amtrak back to the train station named after him.

Biden says that the gridlock in Congress and growing frustrations at Trump could force him into the arena in 2020, but he's leaving his options open.

"The public is sick of it. ... This fever has to break," Biden said. If things don't improve, "I may very well do it," he said.

He may very well do it. Unless he doesn't. And then spends 2023 explaining how he could have beaten Trump twice because he was such a great candidate. A candidate who didn't want to sully his imaginary greatness by actually running.